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I love music videos. I'm not sure about you, but I've always loved them. Since YouTube cofounder Steve Chen said that he wants to have "every music video ever created up on YouTube," why not have an LJ community featuring them? Here are some guidelines:

- Post your favorite music videos, any type, any genre. Find it on YouTube, copy the "Embed" link next to each video, and paste it into an entry.

- You can post videos of live performances, but please make sure that the visual and sound quality are good. I've seen a few YouTube clips where the person recording the video is standing behind the pole, and you can hear the person next to her louder than the actual singer. None of that, please!

- No fan-created videos. No offense, but we don't need to see your favorite song matched with your favorite anime clips.

- This community isn't for file trading. No exceptions.

- Use common sense when posting, i.e., nothing indecent, no videos that aren't music videos.

Started this community a few months ago, still getting it off the ground. Feel free to join and post!